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Sketching with mind and emotion....

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Sometimes people only see what they want to see or just what they want to believe they see.
But there is more then just the naked eye can see, every scar tells a story about a part (important or not).
Even a scar can hold a beautifull story or memory and it doesn't make a person ugly ,just more experienced and with more story.
So u can say beauty comes in all forms and shapes even when u only have it hidden inside it will come out in some kind of way.
Maybe it's art, just how you are or someone else sees what u never thought u had.
With this little sketch i just wanted to show that how shallow some people are and that they think they know what real beauty is....
But they have no idea and we need to look more at the real beauty of things ,watch for the stories that are still a mystery for you

So i just wanted to let people know the concept behind my sketch
The hair is kind of the beauty and art that is looking for a way to escape the imprisonment of the mind so as said it will always find a way to show itself. It might not be the most amazing looking sketch ever but hey beauty is not always in how something looks ;)

Let me know what you think of it all
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September 13, 2015


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